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One of Formula 1's Omega Constellation Replica biggest scandals is still being perpetrated at the Omega Constellation Replica Singapore track. It even surpasses the Spygate scandal of 2007. The most striking difference is that one of the drivers' personal safety was at stake. Fernando Alonso Jr. and Omega Constellation Replica Nelson Piquet Jr. were unable to qualify their Renault cars in the top 15 and 16 places respectively. Alonso pitted first, despite having very little fuel and trying to gain a few Omega Constellation Replica positions in the race's opening stint. He pitted on lap 12 and rejoined the race at the back. His teammate Piquet crashed into the wall three laps later. Because Singapore is a street circuit, you can crash wherever you like. Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed in an area without a crane, which meant that clearing the Omega Constellation Replica track would be difficult. Most drivers pitted for fuel and tyres during a safety-car period, and ended up behind Alonso who had already pitted.Omega Constellation Replica

Alonso Best Replica Watches won the race after regaining the lead at the end of the race. Omega Constellation Replica Alonso won the race thanks to the misfortune of a teammate. Although there were some eyebrows Omega Constellation Replica raised, the season continued without much fuss.Renault fired Nelson Piquet Jr. one year later after the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix. Piquet Jr. was furious at this decision. It happened in the middle season and there was no chance of getting a seat with another team. He claimed that he was forced to crash his car on the spot. After weeks of speculation in the paddock Renault Omega Constellation Replica was finally charged with conspiracy and cheating. Although they vigorously denied all allegations at the beginning, the team released a statement just days before the final hearing in which it did not contest the outcome and announced that Flavio Briatore, managing director, and Pat Symonds, executive Omega Constellation Replica director of engineering had both resigned.Omega Constellation Replica

Renault was Omega Constellation Replica finally disqualified from F1 competition and banned for Omega Constellation Replica two years. Fernando Alonso retained his race win because he was not involved in the whole thing and was Omega Constellation Replica merely a spectator. Symonds was given a five year ban and Briatore was placed on indefinite suspension. Both sentences were overturned but the men had already vowed not to Omega Constellation Replica return to Formula 1 in a settlement with the FIA.Audemars-Piguet timepieces are a combination of iconic designs and meticulously finished movements. Prices can easily reach six figures. WatchTime and Monochrome have five models Omega Constellation Replica currently available for new collectors or those looking to purchase their first Audemars Piguet.Omega Constellation Replica

This is Omega Constellation Replica Watches the sixth installment in our Buying Guide. It focuses on Omega Constellation Replica affordable watches by Audemars Piguet. You might consider this a contradiction in terminis, considering that the Omega Constellation Replica five previous installments were all about affordable watches from Rolex and Omega. We also showed you Omega Constellation Replica watches below 10k in our previous five installments. This is a difficult task when we are talking about the brand best known for its iconic Royal Oak. This is a list of five affordable timepieces that Audemars Piguet, one of the three greats in High-End Watchmaking, has selected with WatchTime colleagues.Omega Constellation Replica