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It was the same Omega Replica scene at Suzuka a year later with Alain Prost at Omega Replica Ferrari and the two remaining men competing for the title. Senna led the championship and could win it at the Japanese Omega Replica Grand Prix, if his title rival fails to score any points. Senna stated that he would not yield to Prost if he attempted to Omega Replica overtake him in interviews leading up the race. Senna placed his car in pole position with Prost in second. Prost took the lead at the start, even though he was in pole position. Senna refused to be stopped and drove the Frenchman. Both men lost control and Omega Replica ended up in gravel. Senna kept his word, and was the 1990 driver's champ. Senna later admitted that both titles were tarnished by the endings of the 1990 and 1989 seasons. After Omega Replica finishing on the podium at the 1993 South African Grand Prix, both men put the hatchet down.Omega Replica

We Best Replica Watches find similar incidents between Michael Schumacher and Damon Omega Replica Hill, and Jacques Villeneuve, a few years later. Both Damon Hill (driving for Williams) and Michael Schumacher (in the Omega Replica Benetton) were title-candidates during the 1994 season title hunt. The German driver led the race with only one point more than Damon Hill at the season finale in Adelaide. Both drivers Omega Replica took off at the start, leaving pole man Nigel Mansell in second Williams.This incident is the most famous. It involved a team that thought it could manipulate the outcome by intentionally crashing one its cars during the 2008 Singaporean Grand Prix. The Omega Replica Renault team struggled for wins in 2008 as McLaren and Ferrari dominated the season. The season was split between McLaren with 6 wins and Ferrari with 8, McLaren with 6, Toro Rosso with a win at Monza and BMW-Sauber with a win. There were also Omega Replica surprise wins at Singapore and Japan for Renault.Omega Replica

Hill was in Omega Replica shadow of Schumacher during the first half of race, until Omega Replica Schumacher made a rare mistake and opened the door. Damon Hill immediately seized the opportunity to pass Schumacher inside, in one of the slower 90 degree corners that the Omega Replica Aussie track is famous for. Schumacher refused to turn in and hit his rival. He ended up nearly flipping his Benetton and crashed out. Damon Hill was able to continue, but his car was too damaged so he had to give it up. It was later referred to as a racing Omega Replica accident and Michael Schumacher won his first ever title in another very tragic and turbulent season. Both Ayrton Senna (and Ronald Ratzenberger) died in crashes at the San Marino Grand Prix weekend at Imola. Insiders and drivers claim that Schumacher's move was deliberate to eliminate his rival or make him pass in the Omega Replica most aggressive manner possible. Although it wasn't cheating, it's still remarkable that he was not penalised.Omega Replica

Schumacher's Omega Replica Watches situation is made worse by the fact that he did the Omega Replica same thing three years later on another championship rival. The tables turned this time and Schumacher finished second to Villeneuve in championship standings. Both men Omega Replica were in contention for the title at the last Grand Prix of the year, Jerez (Spain). Schumacher led Villeneuve most of the race. He began to struggle three quarters of the way through the race and Villeneuve was ready for a challenge. Villeneuve, along with the Williams team, reminded everyone of the 1994 clash in a subtle Omega Replica manner before the race. Villeneuve found a gap in the Ferrari and sent his Williams towards Schumacher's inside. Unfortunately, Villeneuve turned into Villeneuve, causing both cars to Omega Replica be damaged. Schumacher was forced to abandon the car and ended up in gravel. Villeneuve, despite having a damaged car, continued the race but was able finish it. He gave the McLaren boys the win and crossed the line in third, good enough to win.Omega Replica